Time: 10:00 a.m
Location: Meglingerstr. 56
81477 München

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International Christian         Church e.V

Sitz in Muenchen:

Cincinnatistraße 6
81549 München

Worship Centre Address:

Meglingerstrasse 56

81477 München


Further Information:


Handy: 015253854550

Email: iccmunich@aol.com

Bank Information:

Stadtsparkasse München

IBAN: DE69 7015 0000 0094 114923


International Christian
Church e.V

Is a registered organisational
charity in Munich and is recorded by the Amtsgericht Muenchen with the
registeration number:
VR 16651


Michael Ekeson
Sharon Henningham

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Sharon Henningham

From the Forstenrieder Alle U-Bahn Station

(1.1 km, about 15 mins. walk)

Walk along the Forstenrieder Allee, at the traffic lights turn right on the Drygalski-Allee

Pass the Media Markt and continue, turn left at the Munckerstraße and right at the Meglingerstraße

Walk pass the entrance to McDonald's, the first house on the right is:
Meglingerstraße 56

Enter through the main entrance and 

walk down the stairs to the 

lower ground floor where we meet

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